The Polar Vortex Coming

Winter will be upon us soon. Let a sense of adventure encourage you to walk more even if it is cold. If you like a 5k, try a 40 minute walk outside in 20 degrees below zero.  It feels good. It reminds me of getting dunked off of a raft in glacial water. Prepare wisely and it can be fun. I know I don’t get out much but I used to hike the Appalachians. Now I walk up and down the block, so the kids can yell for me.  Walking to and from work in extreme weather feels wild, adventurous, and youthful and it is free! Now that is “a thing”. Plus did you know you can burn a special kind of fat in extremely low temperatures?  No wonder no one wants to advertise walking! What will you do with the hard earned cash you save?

I can scale snow banks and slide in my Yak Tracks (totally choice, I highly recommend them) through the iciest of driveways. But I do so with trepidation. Stories of pedestrians losing their balance and finding themselves stranded in traffic stick with me. How can we aid the travel of our neighbors and friends during winter? Shovel your sidewalks and deice driveways with pet safe deicers. Pitch in where you can and please remember to keep sidewalks clear at all times. Everyone should walk more so that everyone knows walking is an option and we must create a demand for good walking conditions. So get out your gear and walk. Why not try it for your health and for fun?

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