Ricketts Remiss on Masks Hiding Behind Freedom

It is refreshing that Governor Pete Ricketts is concerned with our personal freedom.  I am grateful to live in a country where everyone is free to spread a deadly disease to anyone.  I am so happy to see your faces and your noses.  I am glad you have your freedom, but I have lost mine.  My freedom to read a bedtime story and snuggle with my 5 year old without worrying that my breath will sicken or kill her and break my heart or that her breath may kill me and break hers.  I lost my freedom to safely swim and get massage to treat a chronic illness.  I lost my freedom to visit my family.  So many others, mostly women and minorities, lost their freedom to work and make a living for their families.  I know, I know!  Life is full of risk, isn’t it?  Everyone must be willing to take a droplet to the nose, if we want to protect our freedom from masks.  Be free and let only the strongest survive.  Is that the American way?  Thank you, Pete Ricketts and all Nebraska leaders. Seeing your faces without a mask, giving press conferences, inside, standing next to each other is a wonderful example for freedom loving Americans.  Almost as enjoyable as watching Notre Dame students take the field. 

Imagine if you had acted quickly to stop this virus. Your response to this pandemic is remiss and clearly partisan.  On 911, when 3,000 people died our personal freedoms were stripped in the name of national safety and nearly every Democrat and Republican went for it in a New York minute.  Now 20 years later, we are still subject to the same racial profiling and degrading searches at airports, when the data is clear that giving up those freedoms has done nothing to improve our safety. Yet, every single day people are harassed by TSA in what amounts to theatrics (of course not rich people who fly privately and make our laws). I don’t know of any TSA agents shot because they searched someone in spite of the litany of violations against our personal freedom. Now, 240,000 American deaths later, you are worried about personal freedom? The freedom of people who will shoot someone because they have been asked to wear a mask to protect their community? I want my freedom, too! And I want my government to protect my freedom. Before there is nothing left to protect.

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