A member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Walkability Team, Dr. Edwards is actively working to improve Omaha’s Walkability. Visit Safer Sidewalks to explore MSO’s effort to improve sidewalk safety during construction. The safer sidewalks campaign has resulted in the adoption of a very similar sidewalk closure policy adopted by the City of Omaha Public Works Department. According to the City of Omaha, “this policy, dated March 11, 2020, was completed to ensure our citizens have a safe path along city sidewalks while construction work is being performed. The policy establishes the requirements, procedures, standards, and methods by which construction companies, utility companies, private contractors, and other entities will be required to provide access to city sidewalks while adjacent work is being conducted.  These requirements will provide additional security to pathways while sidewalk work or other construction is being completed to provide greatest accessibility to all modes of travel. City of Omaha Sidewalk Closure Policy

Currently, the Walkability Team is assessing the conditions pedestrians face when walking Dodge Street. Please report any conditions of concern to the MSO website. Look forward to a google map documenting the conditions and a research report in the fall of 2020.

Additionally, Dr. Edwards is working with the Council Bluffs Team to expand MSO into other parts of the metro. The Council Bluffs Team is a pilot project that will allow MSO to grow throughout the metro area.

Explore the 2019 Voices of the Plains Volume III Nebraska Writers Guild publication which features a poem by Dr. Edwards entitled “Bring Me Casa de Sanchez”. The poem explores grief and home.

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Dr. Edwards has been an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology since 2009. Please explore the social science library about Omaha created during her association with UNO.

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